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Mice and Rats


We offer a 3 step rodent control service:


• A thorough inspection of the premises to identify the species, where they’re nesting, and what factors are attracting them.

• Effectively placing traps to rid home and business of rodent problems before any structural damage is done.

• Exclusion repairs, eliminating all potential rodent entry points.

Exclusion Process:


You can  expect the trapping process to take around two weeks to be effective. Rodents are “neophobic,” which means that they are afraid of new objects in their living environment (your home) and reluctant to move near any new object(s) until familiar. Once familiar with the item being in their area, they are willing to explore the possibility of the object(s) being a potential food source. This is why proper placement of our traps combined with the exclusion process is advantageous. Once sealed in, the rodents will be forced to use the traps as a primary food source and thus become trapped. We will repeat this process until the traps have been clear for a couple of weeks.

Rodents pose a health risk:


Rodents can pose a significant health threat to you and whoever else lives or works in the structure. They bring disease and the possibility of other pests infesting your home. The Center for Disease Control has excellent information about the various illnesses that may be caused by rodents.


Skiles Pest will ensure elimination of the rodents and mice that infest your home and business.

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