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Fleas are typically found where animals sleep and frequent, including their avenue of travel. Fleas are known to be vectors of the disease organisms causing both plague and murine typhus, and can serve as an immediate host for the dog tapeworm.

It is not necessary to have pets in your home in order to have fleas since fleas can jump about 6 - 13 inches vertically and can hitch a ride in/on your pants, socks and even shoe.


Treatment:  Fleas require a complete three-step treatment in order to effectively eliminate the entire population.

1. The entire yard is treated with special attention spent on the areas fleas are likely to occur such as shady vegetation under decks where animals rest.

2. The interior of the home is treated with a combination of residual materials and Insect Growth Regulators.

Sanitation is important for complete control.





Ticks found indoors have been brought in by its host, probably a dog. Adult ticks will crawl up grass or low vegetation and grasp on to any passing host and prefer larger mammals such as; dogs, man,raccoons, coyotes, hogs, horses,rodents,etc.

Ticks may be attracted by scents of animal and most numerous along roads, paths and trails.

Some of the diseases vectored by ticks include Colorado Tick Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, Powassan encephalitis, Relapsing Fever, Endemic Typhus and many others.


Treatment: Infestations of ticks can be controlled with Skiles Pest  in conjunction with the treatment of any pets.





Sometimes people mistake cockroaches for beetles. If the beetle is an adult, it can usually be identified by looking at the wings.  Beetles come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some, like the click beetles, are long and slender. Some beetles like lady beetles and June beetles (also known as June bugs) have an oval or rounded shape. There are even beetles that resemble spiders.  Beetles feed on many different plant and animal materials. Adult beetles often deposit their eggs near the food that the larvae will eat when they come out of the eggs.


Treatment:  Skiles Pest will do a thorough inspection and treatment for removal of these pests.




Cockroaches can wreak havoc on your home or business. To win the war in cockroach control, here’s whatyou should know:

Entry: Cockroaches can enter your home or facility in many different ways.For businesses cockroaches are often times brought in by food vendors,employees,or customers.Homes more often come in from the  outside through cracks and crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes. We even bring them in on products like grocery bags, boxes, purses and on our person!

Ideal environment: Your home or facility is an ideal breeding ground for certain pest species of cockroaches. With plenty of food, warmth, water and nesting sites, they can remain active all year round.

Reproduction: Cockroaches reproduce quickly. For every one you see there can be many, many more hiding and multiplying behind your walls.  Depending on the species of cockroach, you could have as many as 30-40 babies in an egg sac.

Do-it-yourself ineffectiveness: Cockroaches hide very well.  they can fit in a gap that is dime size.   Without special equipment, materials and know-how, cockroach control can be a losing battle.

Treatment:  To effectively  exclude infestation, it involves a combination of a three step process.   


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